Since 1954 YCM CNC Machine Tools have been recognized around the World for their superior precision, outstanding rigidity, and exceptional reliability. Unlike many machine tool manufacturers that purchase components and merely assemble them, YCM is a true machine tool builder. This commitment to quality begins at YCM’s own foundry, where the heart of every machine, the base, is perfectly cast, resulting in a rigid Meehanite® casting. All mating surfaces are then hand scraped by expert craftsmen, establishing a quality base that is precise, rigid, and very stable. This build process is inherent to every YCM machine tool produced.


Compare and see why the jc10E is the most affordable 40″ x 20″ VMC on the market! High Productivity General Purpose VMC for Job Shops.


40″ x 20″ x 21″

YCM jC Series (NXV)

The jC series high-performance vertical machining centers deliver top-end quality and excellent value. The jC Series is designed with versatility in mind. This platform is ideal for the demands of shops performing general parts machining across a large spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and more.


23.6″ X 16.1″ X 17.7″

YCM jC10

40.1″ X 20.4″ X 21.2″

YCM jC12

49.9″ X 25.9″ X 24.4″

YCM jC13

52.3″ x 29.9″ x 27.5″

YCM jC16 40Taper

64.1″ X 29.9″ X 27.5″

YCM jC16 50 Taper

64.1″ X 33.8″ X 29.9″


23.6″ X 16.1″ X 17.7″

YCM jC Series (NXV) in Action

YCM C Series

Our most popular High-Performance VMCs. The YCM C series ultra-high-performance vertical machining centers are specially tailor-made to suit high-performance and high-speed machining requirements. It features a unique IDD PLUS spindle, delivering rotational speeds up to 15,000 rpm, maximum axial acceleration of 1g, and 1,890 ipm rapids. Its cutting capability, robust construction, large delta machine column, and wide base enable the highest stability even at high speed. The C Series is well suited for hard milling and applications that require superior surface finishes.


25.98″ X 20.08″ X 22.05″


40″ X 23.62″ X 23.62″


60.24″ X 25.59″ X 24″

YCM B Series

B7G – Double column high precision graphite machining center for fine surface finishes.

B7DM – Double column high-speed high, precision vertical machining center designed for Dies, Molds, and Optics.


25.98″ X 20.08″ X 15.75″


25.98″ X 20.08″ X 15.75″

YCM T15DM (NTV158)

The T15DM is a High-Performance VMC designed for Moldmakers, Tool & Die, and Job Shops. The machining center features a T-base structure with an overhang-free table movement to support heavy loads. The Z-axis has a double-ballscrew drive system and roller-type guideways on all axes to ensure accuracy at high feed rates.

YCM T Series (NTV158B)


60.24″ X 30″ X 27.56″

YCM jT Series (TV)

Robust Box Way, T-Shaped Base, VMC’s with 50 Taper spindles for demanding machining requirements.

YCM jT158B

59″ X 33.86″ X 29.53″

YCM jT188B

70.87″ X 33.86″ X 29.53″