Piranha fabrication equipment, proud american manufacturer


Piranha knows its customers come in all sizes, needs and capabilities.

Whether you have a complex, low-volume metal cutting or steel fabrication project or one that requires a highly automated, high-speed process, Piranha has you covered.

With various sizes and options, our steel fabrication and metal cutting machines meet our customers’ unique and changing needs.

One size may not fit all, but one company does – Piranha.

Piranha Ironworker Machine Build and Testing Process

Hydraulic Ironworker Machines

Ironworker Catalog

T Series Press Brake

T Series Press Brake Catalog

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake Catalog

Hydraulic Plate Shears

Hydraulic Plate Shears Catalog

Bending Rolls

Bending Rolls Catalog

CNC Fabricators

CNC Fabricators Catalog

Portable Presses

Portable Presses Catalog

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