YCM B7G (Graphite Mill)

The B series is designed to provide superior accuracy, precision, and performance and is intended but not limited to die-mold applications. The B series is built with a box-shaped double-column structure which ensures the highest level of stability during high-speed movement. Every machine is built and handcrafted for rigidity, thermal stability, and repeatability. The B series produces consistent high-quality results from the first part to the last.


  • Table Size 31.5″ x 20.08″
  • Travels 25.98” x 20.08” x 15.8”
  • Max Table Load 1,102 lbs
  • Highly rigid roller-type blocks and guideways
  • 1G Acceleration in all Axes
  • 787 IPM Rapids
  • 787 IPM Feedrate
  • Linear glass scales on all axes
  • Air blow nozzles direct graphite to a large vacuum opening
  • Oil-mist Collector
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Required Floor Space (W x D x H) 94” x 95” x 94”
  • Machine Weight 17,637 lbs

Graphite Package – Dustproff Features

  • Way covers (X/Y/Z)
  • Roller blocks and guiderails
  • Ball-screws
  • 30,000 rpm spindle (HSK E40) with grease lubrication system
  • Isolated ATC


  • High Load Capacity Roller Guideways in all Axes. 35mm in the X, Y & Z-Axes.


  • Isolated 24 Tool CAM Type ATC provides fast, reliable 1.8 sec. Tool to Tool Time.


  • High Quality, Rugged MEEHANITE™ Castings
  • Precision Hand Scraped Joints
  • High rigidity double column structure design.


  • High Precision 30,000 rpm Spindle, 30HP, HSK40E.
  • Grease lubrication
  • Spindle Thermal compensation.


  • Fanuc MXP-300FC+ Control
  • 15″ LCD screen
  • AICC II+, high precision, and high accuracy AI contour control.
  • Smooth tolerance control+
  • 0.4ms Block Processing Time
  • 600 Block Look Ahead

Thermal Control

  • Cooling system on bearing housing, motor seat, and ballscrews, plus optical scale to achieve high-speed high precision axial movements.
  • Equipped with an adaptive spindle oil cooling control system to achieve high stability and thermal accuracy.

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