Chevalier Vertical Turning Centers FVL-VTC Series

Vertical Turning Lathe For Heavy-Duty Turning And Multi-Task Machining

High-Precision Vertical Turning Lathe – The series is perfect for heavy-duty turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling, and thread-cutting applications. The Y model is designed for key-slot milling of large-sized and/or heavy workpieces or workpieces made of cast iron, steel. And with the optional live tooling function, the series offers additional flexible machining capabilities to make more complex workpieces with one machine.


Table Ø49.2″ Max Swing Ø63.0″

Chevalier FVL-1250VTC vertical turning center, VTL


Table Ø63.0″ Max Swing Ø78.7″

Chevalier FVL-1600VTC vertical turning center, VTL


Table Ø78.7″ Max Swing Ø98.4″

Chevalier FVL-2000VTC vertical turning center, VTL