High Performance 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

The YCM UV 650 5-axis vertical machining center provides excellent cutting performance and high accuracy for complex parts requiring simultaneous 5-axis machining. Designed to reduce part handling, setup, and overall lead time, while improving part quality, precision, and surface finish of complex shapes and contours required for multiple industries such as job shop, medical, aerospace, and die & mold.

YCM UV650 5-Axis high-speed high accuracy vertical machining center.


  • Travels 24.41″ X 20.47″ X 18.11″
  • Travels A-axis 160˚ (+110˚/ -50˚) C-axis 360˚
  • Table ø25.59″
  • Max. Workpiece Dimensions ø25.6″x18″
  • 12,000 RPM IDD Spindle (Opt 15,000RPM)
  • 25HP BBT-40 Taper
  • 1417 IPM Rapids
  • FANUC 31IMB-5 Plus
  • X/Y/Z Axis high precision roller guideways
  • X/Y/Z Axis high accuracy scales
  • B & C Axis high accuracy encoders
  • Spindle Chiller
  • Chip Conveyor
  • 40 Tool Chain type (Opt 60)
  • Machine Weight 22,046 LBS

High Quality, Rugged MEEHANITE™ Castings. Reinforced saddle features provide optimum stiffness, rigidity, and stability. Extra-wide base and column design enables solid support and excellent cutting performance when machining complex parts at high feeds and speeds.

Chain type 40 tool magazine (Opt 60 Tool).

High precision rotary encoders on the B and C Axis. The tilt-rotary table features a full circular hydraulic braking system that provides rigid B/C-axis clamping during fixed rotary-axis machining applications.

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