Bridgeport XR Series

Whether you’re machining simple workpieces, quality molds and dies, or complex prismatic parts, we’ve got just the right Bridgeport XR Series machining center for your operation. Bridgeport XR machines easily satisfy the most demanding production and precision component machining requirements in the aerospace, automotive, mold and tool making, power engineering, and oil/gas sectors, to name a few. These robust machines offer exceptional stiffness and rigidity to deliver outstanding results in the most demanding production environments. They are particularly well-suited to machine exotic metals, such as Titanium and Nimonics (nickel-based alloys).

“Made in the USA”


  • Travels 40″ x 24″ x 24″
  • Table Size 51.181″ x 23.622″
  • Max Table Load 1,322 lbs
  • 12,000 rpm DDS Spindle
  • CT 40 or BT40 Spindle Taper
  • Spindle Thermal Compensation
  • X/Y/Z Rapid Feedrate 1,889/1,889/1,417 ipm
  • Max Cutting Feedrate 787 ipm
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Circular Coolant Nozzle
  • Cutting Air Blast
  • CTS Prep
  • Chip Conveyor with Chip Washdown
  • Tool Magazine Capacity 30T
  • Machine Weight 15,432 lbs

Built like a rock from the ground up

  • Highly engineered machine structure manufactured from grey cast iron, heavily ribbed throughout to ensure high rigidity and thermal stability.
  • Unique APC mount design for superior rigidity and minimized vibration to the cutting zone.
  • Large 45mm high-quality, low maintenance linear guideways provide great positioning accuracy and superior finish very low friction and high stiffness for long machine life.
  • Oversized high-class 45mm double-nut ballscrews fixed and pre-tensioned to provide superior machine accuracy and repeatability.
  • Best-in-class spindle design.

Thermal stable system for optimal spindle performance

To minimize the effects of the thermal expansion in the spindle, the XR1000 machines, thermal compensation sensors (thermostats) positioned around the spindle casting are linked directly to the machine’s control system. This ensures rapid and real-time adjustment to the machine position, thus minimizing the effects of thermal expansion.

This heat exchanger system, which is standard on the XR1000 machines, cools the spindle to minimize thermal
expansion, prolonging spindle life, and allowing higher workpiece accuracy.

Bridgeport XR1000

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