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J & M Precision employees our own full time service engineers

Mike Brown
Service Manager

Charlie Brown
Service Engineer


Mike and Charlie have over 50 years combined machine tool service experience. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to keep your machinery running in top condition. Please give us a call or an email and let us know how we can help you.

Machinery Repair
Is your machine down? Outages can cost your company money and impact your ability to meet your customers' deadlines. Our experienced and certified service engineers will make every effort to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Preventative Maintenance
Like any complex system, machine tools require ongoing maintenance to ensure your investment continues to perform optimally.
Ballbar Testing
Producing bad parts costs you time, money, and even customers. Workpiece dimensional and finish defects may result from bad tooling, worn spindles or workpiece clamping, but the major causes of defects can usually be attributed to positioning errors in the machine tool itself, the result of geometric, dynamic and play errors within the machine. Using our state-of-the-art hardware and software we can collect the necessary data from your machine(s) by performing a series of circular arc or circle tests. Once the data is collected it is then analyzed and reports are produced to verbally and visually identify the source of the problem(s). We can then suggest targeted corrective action to correct all problems or the most severe.

Production: Determining a machine tool's capabilities before machining and subsequent post-process part inspection can greatly reduce the potential for scrap, machine downtime and as a result, lower manufacturing costs.

Quality: The test records we supply give accepted proof of performance (to international standards such as ASME B5.54, ASME B5.57, JIS B6194 and ISO 230-4) satisfying audit requirements and is a powerful tool when bidding for contracts. Incorporate ballbar tests into your QA system.

Maintenance: Use regular testing to schedule preventative maintenance and to control the quality of repairs and servicing. We can track tests over time to show the change in accuracy of the tool over time. Our software lists all contributing factors and their impact to the overall inaccuracies. We can help you fix the most critical issues while tracking all factors over time and addressing them when their severity exceeds acceptable limits.

J & M Precision Products Also Offers:
- Laser Calibration
- Vibration Analysis
- Draw Bar Pressure Testing
- Machine Leveling
- Ball Screw Replacement or Repair
- Spindle Replacement or Repair
- Digital Readout Service
- Program Training
- Maintenance Training

Application Support
Are you having problems determining how to best machine a part? Let our application engineers review your part(s) to estimate cycle times on a given machine.

Machinery Rebuild
Retire or Rebuild...that is the question. Let J & M Precision Products, Inc. help determine the best path to take for your older equipment.
Are you getting the most out of your machine? Our staff can help increase the competency of your operators giving them all the tools they need to get the most from your investment.

Manufacturing Automation Manufacturing gets more competitive everyday. Let us help determine how to reduce cycle times and setup times through automated systems.

Click Here to contact a J & M Precision Products, Inc. representative to discuss any of the services above.

Machinery Financing & Leasing
J & M Precision Products, Inc. has partnered with Intech Funding to help you finance that new or used machine quickly and easily. Depending on your situation you can finance to own or opt for operating leases. Either way we are your one stop solution provider. As you consider your options keep the following in mind:

How long does it take to get my financing approved?
Many transactions are approved in less than three hours and most are approved the same day. Larger and/or more complicated leasing transactions usually only take an extra day or two.

How much information do I have to provide?
Most transactions are approved with a simple application. If your transaction requires more information, we will contact you.

What kind of terms can I expect?
The average transaction is written for five years. However, terms are available from one to eight years. We’ll work with you to craft the most cost-effective finance program for your business.

What size transactions can I finance?
$7,000 - $10,000,000.

Can I finance used equipment?
Yes. As a general rule we’ll finance used equipment that is less than ten years old.